Thrive Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Oil


PBure Organics THC-Free pet tinctures give your furry friends all the benefits of our high quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil with an easy to use bottle dropper. You can simply add it into their favorite treat, meal or directly into your pet's mouth. This is an easy way to support your pet's wellness and quality of life in a simple and effective way. This tincture only contains two organic ingredients assuring a pure premium product for your beloved pet.
Bpure Organics Tincture for pets has a natural flavor and is so simple to add to your furry friends daily regime.  Just shake well and squirt the drops over some food!  Boom! It is THC-Free meaning your pets can enjoy all of the same calming, healing benefits of CBD that you can with no side effects or high. Our premium CBD extract contains powerful terpenes and cannabinoids naturally found in the hemp plant. 250mg: 8 drops = 2.2mg If your pet requires a higher dose you can also use our 500mg BARE Tincture. It also only contains two ingredients. 500mg: 4 drops = 2.2mg Give your pet daily 2-4mg per 25lbs.  The amount may be adjusted as needed. Like humans we all require different dosage. More is not always better so start lower and add as needed.

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