Restorative Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels


Curcumin is the main ingredient in turmeric. It is a very strong antioxidant helping your body neutralize free radicals due to it’s chemical structure. This combined with our water-soluble nanoemulsion technology has powerful anti-inflammatory effects. These softgels are designed to help fight chronic inflammation, joint pain, boost brain function and your body’s own anti oxidant enzymes along with all the benefits that our THC-Free CBD already provides.
Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric. It has been used for thousands of years to help maintain healthy joint function. BPure Organics broad spectrum hemp oil is packed full of the naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant. The minor cannabinoids and terpenes create what is known as the entourage effect. This along with the curcumin work together to produce even more beneficial effects. The proprietary water-soluble nanoemulsion technology we use in our softgels make them at least 200% more bioavailable, or absorbable than an oiled based product. In doing so it will enter into your bloodstream, working faster. This product is Sugar free, Gluten free, Alcohol Free and THC-Free.  Manufactured in the USA.

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